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The Fertility Drug Made Me Do It

Published Date: August 20, 2018

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She was desperate to get pregnant, she just didn’t know about some of the drug’s other side effects…

Julie was a luscious woman, anxious to start a family with her young husband Mark. When they started having trouble conceiving, she started looking for a fertility aid. They didn’t have the money for any of the mainstream fertility treatments. In order for her to afford something, she needed to start looking at some of the more unconventional alternatives…

The website said it would work. The website claimed it was made from an herb used by the ancient Aztecs. She thought there could be no harm in trying. So she went behind her husband’s back and ordered a two month supply. And within two weeks of taking it she noticed weird things starting to happen…

She thought her breasts might swell – that had been one of the warnings. But she wasn’t expecting some of the other side effects it would have on her. Luckily the first time it had happened, she had been alone with her husband. But then there was the time at the gym, and then it happened again in front of the construction crew…

Will she end up pregnant after all of these shenanigans? And were the ancient Aztecs really this horny?


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