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Helping Her Get Pregnant

Published Date: August 20, 2018

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She was a gorgeous and naive newlywed – she just needed some help starting their family…

Tiffany and Scott were young newlyweds desperate to start a family. Beautiful and naive, she was devastated to learn that their difficulty conceiving had been because of Scott. They didn’t have the money to try any of the expensive alternatives available to them. If only there was a cheaper solution…

Vivian was Tiffany’s domineering boss. She and her husband were insatiable in the bedroom and were looking for something different to spice up their sex lives. When she hears of Tiffany’s problems, she has a suggestion that won’t cost the young bride a dime. Don’t worry, Vivian tells her – she’ll even be there to make sure everything goes just fine.

Will the young Tiffany do everything that the older, experienced MILF suggests? And how can an idea like this possibly blow up in Vivian’s face?


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