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Knotted Up And Shared

Published Date: September 16, 2018

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When she tied herself up, she didn’t know she would have to share…

Trish was a young wife, smoldering hot and practically still a newlywed. In a moment of weakness she gives in to one of her husband’s fantasies. She decides to surprise him with a little light bondage, and she prepares herself hastily before he comes home from work.

Only her husband wasn’t the first one to come walking through their door…

She had never cared for his best friend Zack, she had told her husband. He had a way of leering at her when he came to visit that made her a little uncomfortable. And he had that cocky attitude that implied that he had been around, and the good looks to go along with it. Trish told her husband she didn’t care for Zack, but maybe she cared for him a little more than she was willing to admit.

And compromising situations have a way of making the truth come spurting out!


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