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Suddenly Hotwife

Published Date: September 16, 2018

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The new neighbors were friendly alright – perhaps a little too friendly…

Mark and Julie were a young married couple who had hit a rough spot in their relationship. In an effort to save their marriage, they picked up and moved across the country, determined to make a new start. Part of starting over involved making new friends, and Julie found another older couple just dying to welcome them in.

But Mark just sensed that something seemed off…

Julie insisted on going to their party, and Mark reluctantly agreed. But when they got to the party Mark took one look at the women there and his suspicions immediately grew. Julie thought he was just being paranoid – certainly the new neighbors were just being friendly.

And by the time she learned the truth, their marriage would never be the same again…

*** This book contains scorching hot depictions of bondage and sharing between consenting, married adults. Readers with delicate sensibilities are urged to turn back now. The author is not responsible for random acts of coitus or any permanent staining of clothing that may occur as a result of reading this book ***


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