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Take Me & Make Me

Published Date: August 23, 2018

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She was determined to have her way, which meant submitting to his every command…


Jennifer was curvy, sexy and beautiful. And Jennifer was married. She was the lonely wife of an unappreciative husband, and her blood was running red hot. She was desperate to have her needs met, but she didn’t want to have an affair. In her mind it wasn’t infidelity, if you were simply doing what you were ordered to do…


Evan was Jennifer’s billionaire boss, an alpha male with a fleeting emotional vulnerability. He was the object of Jennifer’s every late night fantasy, and she was determined to have him. But for Jennifer having Evan meant having him dominate her, which was a tricky seed to plant. But sometimes when these ideas take hold, things can spiral quickly out of hand…

Is it wrong to submit to another man when your husband won’t even touch you?

Is it cheating if you are only doing what you are ordered to do?

What can possibly go wrong by submitting to your billionaire boss?


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