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Knock Me Up!: 10 Book Erotica Bundle

Published Date: August 23, 2018

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Wet, wild & unprotected – these sexy ladies are looking to put a bun in the oven!

From Sylvia Redmond and Sondra Wilde – a 10 book bundle about sexy ladies trying desperately to get pregnant.

Some are trusting and innocent, others are conniving and manipulative – they are MILFs, Wives and Coeds with two things in common: they’re hot and they’re looking to get knocked up!

The titles of these stories are so taboo they can’t be listed here – please see the Look Inside for a full listing of the books in this premium bundle!

*** This book contains steamy depictions of fertile women trying desperately to conceive. Usually with multiple partners. Of both sexes. If reading this book somehow causes the reader and/or a significant other to become pregnant, the author hereby is excluded from any and all responsibility. Enjoy if you dare! ***