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Published Date: August 23, 2018

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Because sometimes revenge is a dish served hot – scorching hot…

Vicki was the new woman in town. Gorgeous and unattached, she was eager to accept the neighbor’s hospitality – perhaps just a little too eager…

No one recognized the tall blonde with the spectacular body who wanted to be everyone’s friend. She looked a lot different than she had all those years ago. But she had a grudge she had carried since high school, and she was planning on bringing the town to its knees, one marriage at a time…

She had to move quick if she was going to seduce them all. Husbands and wives alike would not be safe. She had plans for every single person who had tormented her in high school all those years ago, and before she was done they would never forget her again.

But what would happen if she gets caught?

What will she do to the former high school football star?

Does she really think she can seduce the former captain of the cheerleaders so easily?

And what was it they did all those years ago that has her so pissed off???

*** This contains contains steamy scenes between a red hot MILF and a number of unsuspecting, married partners! – MMF, MF, FF ***


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