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Published Date: October 30, 2015

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He was determined to get out, and he was going to use her to do it…

David was tattooed, dangerous and incarcerated. He had plans on the outside with his friends Michael and James and nothing was going to get in his way. Parole for him was a long shot, but he was nothing if not resourceful. Up until this point he had been using her for sex, but he planned on using her for a whole lot more.

Janet was well aware of the rules for working around the prisoners. She knew how dangerous it could be to even say hello to one, let alone get emotionally involved. She thought she could control the relationship when it started, and promised herself to not let it go too far. But it’s hard to stop something when you’re alone with him in the stockroom and it feels so good…

Is there a way out for Janet that doesn’t involve her going to jail herself? Is there any good in the heart of a man that treats you this rough?


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