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A Husband’s Secret

Published Date: November 12, 2015

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There were 3 aroused men in the room, and none of them were interested in her

Jill was an oversexed housewife, frustrated with living in an increasingly sexless marriage. She’s a sexy MILF who fights the men off at work, and she can’t understand why her husband has lost interest in her. Convinced that he is having an affair, she decides to investigate his online browsing history…

David has started to develop interests he doesn’t understand. He’s conflicted about his feelings but hasn’t acted on anything – yet. All that is about to change once Jill finds out what he’s been fantasizing about, and once she knows his secret she’s going to put him to the test.

Is David ready to try what Jill has in mind for him? Will watching her husband with two men really help her marriage? And is what they say about black men really true?



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