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White Hot Wife

Published Date: August 30, 2018

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Just when he thought their marriage held no more surprises…

It started as an innocent vacation – an island getaway to jump start their tired marriage. Days spent on the beach and nights drinking in the clubs – what could possibly go wrong?

It was Julie who had the idea at first – in an effort to spice up their marriage, each would have an opportunity to fulfill one fantasy on the island, with unconditional approval from the other spouse. For Julie, the fantasy was merely flirting with the black surf instructor. She didn’t need it to go any further, she merely needed to prove to herself that she was still sexy.

But Tom needed it to go further…

When he saw his hotwife flirting with the black stud he knew exactly what he wanted. Watching his black hands ravage his wife’s body might be just what the doctor ordered – for both of them. Julie had no idea what was in store for her when she agreed to Tom’s fantasy – but she was soon going to find out.

And Tom had no idea the black instructor would be bringing his even bigger black friend…

*** This is an erotic tale of wife sharing between a husband and the exotic black men of a vacation paradise – enjoy if you dare! ***


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