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The Marriage Clinic: 5 Book Series Bundle

Published Date: August 24, 2018

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They would be poked, prodded and violated – all in order to save their marriages…


All five books from Sylvia Redmond’s bestselling series¬†Dr. Foster’s Marriage Clinic.¬†This series is not for readers who are easily offended. Readers with heart conditions should exercise caution while reading this series because it can lead to increased heart rate and palpitations. Do not operate motor vehicles while reading this series, because you may have an accident, and end up under the care of a doctor. Perhaps even one like Dr. Foster…


All Marriages have their rough spots. Sometimes couples need a little bit of therapy to get them through the difficult parts. Most therapy consists of a series of discussions about marital problems. Most therapists conduct these sessions in a comfortable office with their clients fully clothed. Most therapists would never consider using bondage to help a failing marriage.


Dr. Foster isn’t like most therapists!


Enjoy all five books from the series:

Dr. Foster’s Marriage Clinic

Submit Me to the Marriage Clinic

Susan’s Marriage Therapy

Used at the Marriage Clinic

Disciplined at the Marriage Clinic

*** This series contains scenes of bondage between husbands, wives and multiple marriage counseling professionals! – MFM, MF, FF, MMFF ***


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