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The Ex-Wife Gets Ganged

Published Date: August 22, 2018

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Julie was the gorgeous ex-wife of a philandering husband. Still bitter from their divorce, she hatched a plan to seduce her ex-husband’s best friend. There were two things her ex always wanted from her while they were married, and she planned to give one of them to his best friend. If she did it well enough, she knew it would get back to him, and leave a mark he wouldn’t soon forget.

She thought she had planned everything out perfectly. She thought the two of them would be alone when she gave it to him. But then his two friends showed up, and her plan got a little more complicated. Julie was nothing if not resourceful though – instead of giving her gift to one man she would give it to three. If anything, she thought, it would make the message to her ex three times as painful.

The three men were not going to be denied though, and Julie soon found herself slipping out of control. The one thing she wanted to give them wouldn’t be enough – it was the other forbidden thing her ex-husband had wanted that the three friends would take.

Will Julie be able to handle of three of them? What is it that she wants to give his best friend? And what is the other forbidden thing that the three of them will take from her?


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