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The Blindfolded Tag Team

Published Date: August 22, 2018

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Three young couples, three hot wives, and one forbidden suggestion that went a little too far…

It had started out like any other Saturday night. Greg and his luscious wife Becky were spending time with the other two couples playing an innocent board game. Although when they played games it usually involved alcohol, which meant it wouldn’t be long before the naughty talk started…

It had been Ramona’s idea at first. She had been the one to ask the other two wives about the subject of partner sharing. We couldn’t do that, the other wives had said – it would be too weird seeing the men you’ve become friends with doing things to you. Problem solved, Ramona said. If each of them were to wear a blindfold, the other husbands could take a turn without each wife knowing exactly who was doing what to them. As a sign of good faith, she would go first, Ramona said, and she would show them how it’s done…

It had sounded like a good idea to Greg at the time, because he had been drunk and staring at Ramona’s body. The following Saturday it had been Nicole’s turn, and that had been even more fun than the weekend before. Never in a million years did he picture his innocent bride going through with the idea. Greg had been her first after all – could he really blindfold her and give her to two other men? But that Saturday came around fast, and soon it would be Becky’s turn…

Will Becky be able to handle being blindfolded and offered to the other two husbands? And will she really be able to handle Darius? And what is Ramona doing, isn’t this supposed to be a husbands only thing???


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