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The Bachelorette Party

Published Date: August 30, 2018

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Keep your friends close, and your bridesmaids closer…

Tanya was the envy of every girl in her sorority. She had the beautiful blonde hair and perfect body that would have been enough to make her the girl that everyone loved to hate. Added to that was the fact that she was an arrogant girl of privilege – once they graduated college the girls all thought they would never have to see her again.

And then they heard Tanya was engaged to be married…

Tanya’s arrogant demeanor had worn thin on everyone else she knew – Amy was the only girl from her sorority who had ever tolerated her and seemed like her only choice to serve as her maid of honor. And Amy had vowed to herself that she would try to do it – she would try to tolerate Tanya one last time and hopefully never have to deal with her after she got married.

But true to form, Tanya had managed to insult Amy at the bachelorette party, and from there things started to spiral quickly out of control…

Will the bicurious Amy be willing to let this opportunity pass her by?

How will a girl like Tanya ever be able to handle the big, black dancer from the club?

Surely Amy’s friends will step in to calm things down – they wouldn’t participate in these shenanigans, would they?

And will Tanya ever get to make that big trip down the aisle?


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