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Published Date: August 27, 2018

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Once she signed the doctor’s consent form, she needed to be prepared for anything…

Steve and Diane were a married couple who agreed to do something a little different when celebrating their wedding anniversary. Diane gave Steve a gift certificate for dance lessons, something she had been trying to get him to do since they tied the knot. She was equally surprised when she opened her envelope and she saw the gift he had gotten for her.

It was three sessions with Dr. Foster’s marriage counseling clinic! And Dr. Foster required all of his patients to sign over¬†complete and total consent¬†before he would begin his therapy…

“Their marriage was fine” Steve told her. He just thought it would be good for her to talk to a professional about some of her insecurities.

“You’re doing the right thing” the doctor told her. “It’s a testament to your commitment to your marriage.”

“You need to relax” the female therapist told her. “It’s natural for this to feel so good.”

And by the time it was all over, Diane would find out things about herself that she had never in her darkest fantasies imagined!

*** This is a standalone erotic tale that contains scenes of bondage between a husband, his hotwife and several marriage counseling professionals – enjoy if you dare! MMF, MF, FF ***


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