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Reclaiming Her: The Evolution of a Neglected Hotwife

Published Date: August 29, 2018

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Leigh was a beautiful wife with two big problems looming on her horizon. Her husband’s business was failing and he was in desperate need of money, which was her first problem. Her marriage was her bigger concern, however. Her husband Jake was a bad boy who had lost interest in his bride after ten years of marriage. Her physical desires needed to be fulfilled, but he had not touched her in ages…

And she was about to get a solution to both problems in one sweaty night…

Leigh’s boss was a millionaire attorney – a recent divorcee in need of a date for an important social function. What started out as an innocent social engagement turned a hesitant Leigh into a raging hotwife, and provided her with extra income to help her struggling husband. By the time both partners in the law firm took an interest in Leigh’s blossoming sexuality, her husband started to take notice. But it might just be too late…

Will she be able to handle both alpha males without her husband finding out?

Is it true what they say about black millionaire attorneys?

How will Jake react once he finds out what’s really been going on at her law practice?


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