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Published Date: October 26, 2015

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**Once she saw past the prison tattoos and the muscles, she knew she needed to have him**

Kate wasn’t looking for a relationship. She had been down that road before and she had been burned. She was merely a social worker working with men who were trying to turn their lives around – and then she meet Michael.

Michael was everything her ex-husband was not – strong, tough and interested in her. He was also a man who had committed murder, although that was over ten years ago. His was out on parole and the prison system said he deserved a second chance. Her friends had told her that she was crazy, but when he touched her she could feel her body come alive.

Is what she was doing wrong? How can a man that excited her this much be bad for her? And what would a man that hasn’t been with a woman in over ten years be like behind closed doors?


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