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Helping Him Make Parole

Published Date: August 22, 2018

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In order to get her husband out, she needed to get them off…

Julie was the gorgeous wife of a petty criminal. She had been a newlywed when they married and had been ready to start a family. That was three years ago, and now he was ready to make parole. She was hot and bothered, and ready to start all over again…

The guards have been watching her when she visits. She’s become the favorite of the guardhouse. When they realize her husband has several infractions that could extend his sentence, they offer him a deal. They could turn him in and guarantee more jail time, or they could look the other way – for a price.

Julie agrees because she’s insatiable and she’s desperate to start a family. But there was only supposed to be one of them. And she was supposed to remain fully clothed. And if they broke the first two rules they would certainly use protection, wouldn’t they? She was trying to start a family after all…


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