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Having Their Way

Published Date: September 3, 2018

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A husband’s taboo fantasy + a wife’s secret past = OMG!

Dan had a fantasy that he routinely acted out in the privacy of their bedroom. He wanted to see his sweet, innocent wife taken and used by other men. It was a scenario that would never leave the confines of their steamy bedroom, she said. She was, after all, a proper wife, and could never think of participating in something so tawdry…

Except that Julie was not all that proper – in fact, she had an entire history that her husband must never know..

Never could she let herself be used by multiple men like that, she told him. But the truth was she wanted to, and each time he brought it up in the bedroom, it reminded her of the things she used to do, and she only wanted to do it more. And then she had an idea…

She waited until it was Dan’s turn to host the monthly card game. She made them all think she had drunk too much and she was losing all control. She was stone cold sober and in complete control, but as far as they knew she was passed out drunk. Passed out in a skirt and an unbuttoned blouse – what could possibly go wrong?

Will Dan’s friends take the high road, and leave his wife alone? Or will they take advantage of a situation that looks too good to pass up?

Spoiler Alert: Dan’s friends hardly ever take the high road.

*** This book is intended for mature readers. It contains steamy scenes between a hotwife, her husband and several of his friends – Enjoy if you dare! MMMF, Interracial ***


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