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Dr. Foster’s Marriage Clinic

Published Date: August 24, 2018

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His methods were extreme and unconventional, but his clients left sore and satisfied…

Dan and Lisa were a couple with a strained marriage. Dan had slowly lost interest in Lisa, and her reluctance to do a couple of things in the bedroom only added to his restlessness. They seemed like they were heading towards certain divorce, and they were desperate to find a way to salvage their marriage.

Dr. Foster had an unusual practice. His fees were exorbitant and his methods were unconventional. Once a couple signed away their consent they were completely under the doctor’s control, and they agreed to abide by his every command.

What exactly is it that Lisa refuses to do in the bedroom?

Will this treatment actually end up saving their marriage?

What exactly is the Doctor’s degree in? And where did all these interns come from?

*** This book contains contains scenes of bondage between a husband, his hotwife and several marriage counseling professionals! – MMF, MF, FF ***


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