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Don’t Say Yes

Published Date: December 2, 2015

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No woman had ever told him ‘No’ before, and then he met her…

Trevor Rothschild was a handsome, billionaire tycoon who thought that he could have any woman he wanted. His life had been full of women who would answer ‘Yes’ to his any desire. He had become satiated and complacent, and he knew that he desired something more.

Kimberly Fielding was a woman struggling to divorce her philandering husband. She led a frantic life and wasn’t ready to risk loving another man. When a chance meeting makes her the object of Trevor’s desire, her initial instinct was to tell him ‘No’. And that was a word he was not used to hearing.

Kimberly had a lot of reasons for not trusting another man, but she found them disappearing one by one as the handsome billionaire fell further and further in love with her.

Was it possible for a man this powerful to fall this hard for a girl like Kimberly? What will happen if Kimberly decides to tell him ‘Yes’?

A Happily Ever After Erotic Romance


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