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Disciplined at the Marriage Clinic

Published Date: August 30, 2018

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Author’s Note: Readers should be advised – this story is about the rehabilitation of Sara, a disillusioned and unfaithful wife. What follows is her treatment to enable her to overcome her infidelities and reinstate the sexual force that was once her marriage. It is not for the faint of heart. It may leave marks on the reader. Doctor Foster’s treatment certainly left marks on Sara…

Sara and John had hit a rough spot in their marriage, like couples often do. Sara agreed to go to the marriage counselor John had chosen. In her heart she truly desired to save their marriage.

And she thought John had no idea about her affair…

They sat with Dr. Foster and completed the preliminary interview. He just had one condition before commencing treatment. Sara would need to sign his consent form, surrendering her complete consent to all of the therapies the doctor deemed appropriate.

And the doctor’s idea of ‘appropriate’ was just a little bit skewed…

*** This book contains scenes of bondage between a husband, his wife and several marriage counseling professionals! – MFM, MF, FF ***


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