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It’s Too Big

Published Date: November 22, 2015

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He’s got a bunch of quirks, but being small isn’t one of them …

Daniel has always been a bit of an odd duck. Gloria, the sexy woman of the house, is concerned because he’s entering his junior year of college and he hasn’t dated much. But Gloria needn’t worry, all that was about to change.

Susan needed a date for her sorority social and asks Daniel to take her. She shared a moment of intimacy with him after the dance but soon realized that she couldn’t take it as far as she had intended too. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, she actually finds him kind of cute. He’s just too big.

Girls have a way of talking and soon Susan’s sorority sisters start pursuing Daniel but they reach the same conclusion – he’s just too big. Daniel is distraught but decides to talk about his problems with Gloria. She is a mature and worldly woman after all, certainly she will have some useful suggestions for him…