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Family Fuck Fest: 10 Book Erotica Bundle

Published Date: September 12, 2018

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Brothers and Sisters and Mothers, Oh My…

Enjoy this taboo collection of salacious stories from the depraved mind of Vivian Foxx. This collection is aggressively priced and guaranteed to stretch the limits of conventional good taste.

Some are willing, others – not so much. They all have two things in common though: they are related and they end up taking it hard and unprotected!

Enjoy this collection today!

1 – Taught By Daddy
2 – Mom Caught Me (And Finished Me Off)
3 – Creampie My Sleeping Mother
4 – Owning My Daughter’s Ass
5 – Blackmailed By My Son
6 – Creampie My Drunk Aunt
7 – Sister: Tied Up and Taken
8 – Taught By My Mother
9 – Creampie My Sleeping Sister
10 – Blackmailing Aunt Barbara