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Dr. John’s Hucow Experiment

Published Date: September 12, 2018

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All 5 books from the series in one low priced bundle!

The doctor told them it was a study on his new drug therapy. It was something that would help nursing mothers all over the world. It was a great thing they were doing.

Kind of…

The nurse explained that the tingling was normal. She said there might be some leaking. She even explained to them that it was natural to be aroused by the things they would do to them.

Sort of…

But the compensation was extraordinary! It made everything else all worthwhile! All the doctor required was that they sign a consent form, saying they agreed to everything that would happen to them.

And their lives would never be the same again…

*** This is an erotic series about the hucow transformation of women participating in a medical experiment! It is lewd & tawdry. It is rude and over the top. If you have read this far, then please enjoy if you dare! FF, MF, FFM ***


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