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Published Date: August 17, 2018

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I was between jobs, looking for a new gig. I was starting to get desperate and would have done anything. But that was almost a year ago. Now I have what many guys would consider the dream job.

I’m a stud and I’m working for Dr. John’s medical experiment…

The women in the study are always¬†full and bursting¬†by the time I enter the room. They’ve already been prepared by sultry Nurse Jackie – that just isn’t my job. My job is to step up and give them the time of their lives. And the doctor also wants me to plant a little something inside them, deep inside of them, which I do time and again with glee. But I’ve got a crush, a white hot smoldering obsession with the hot nurse in the study.

And I won’t be satisfied until I have her – right on the exam room table…

*** This is an erotic tale of the hucow transformation of women participating in a medical experiment and the alpha male nurse who helps them. It is tawdry & over the top, enjoy if you dare! FF, MF, FFM ***


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