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The Back Side Climax: Medical Experiments Gone Wrong

Published Date: August 17, 2018

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Jennifer was a gorgeous married woman with a little bit of a bedroom problem. As hard as she tried, she just couldn’t hit the big ‘O’, and it was starting to become a frustration for her. She was beginning to resign herself to it. She was beginning to think it would never happen for her.

But then she heard of The Climax Clinic…

The doctor assured her that he knew exactly how to fix her problem. It might involve touching her in new and forbidden places – her bottom might never be the same. But that was all part of his proven therapy, he had told her.Yes, they would need to strap her down to the table…

Yes, they would be touching her down there 

Yes, the female nurse was just a little too friendly…

And once she signed the consent forms, she would never be the same again…

*** This is an erotic tale about a woman who consents to a bizarre medical treatment. It is lewd, tawdry & over the top, enjoy if you dare! MF,FF, Back Door ***


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