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Published Date: August 18, 2018

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Barbara was a simple, luscious young woman, happily married and desperately strapped for cash. Things were bleak until she saw the advertisement for Dr. John’s medical experiment, and Barbara thought she had hit the jackpot.

Did I mention Barbara was simple? And by ‘simple’ I mean Barbara was as sharp as a bag of hammers…

The money for participating in the doctor’s experiment had sounded almost too good to be true. And the doctor said she would be helping¬†nursing¬†mothers everywhere, and that sounded like a good thing too. The nurse seemed friendly, almost too friendly, so everything just sounded perfect!

And once she signed the doctor’s consent form, she would never be the same again…

*** This is an erotic tale of the hucow transformation of a woman participating in a medical experiment! It is lewd, tawdry & over the top, enjoy if you dare! FF, MF, FFM ***


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