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Breaking Bruce’s Wife

Published Date: August 20, 2018

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Steve, Jeff and Bruce were three childhood friends who were each a little bored with their marriages. It all would have likely ended there but one day Steve brought a new friend out for beers. His name was Simon, and Simon was a doctor.

But Dr. Simon’s practice was a little unusual…

He told the three men he had a relaxation clinic, and he swore that he could have his way with any female patient that came in. Bruce was the first to question Dr. Simon, saying his wife would never do such a thing. Dr. Simon challenged Bruce to a bet – he said that he and his nurse could surely seduce Bruce’s wife, and if they couldn’t then Bruce would win.

And as soon as they agreed to the bet, the three friends would never be the same again…

*** This is an erotic tale about a doctor and his nurse having their way with another man’s wife while his friends watch. It is tawdry and rude and otherwise distasteful. Enjoy it if you dare! FF, MF ***


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