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Diary of the Pack Leader’s Lover

Published Date: September 23, 2015

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Jaclyn McElroy is fresh off of a divorce and looking to start a new life. She moves to her vacation cabin in Maine to get away from New York City and focus on her writing career. What she was not expecting was to fall in love so soon with a man she has just met. But that was before she met Nick.

Nicolas Russell is the muscular, blue eyed owner of the local auto repair shop and the strongest man she has ever met. Until now the men in Jaclyn’s world wore suits and ties and traded business cards on the streets of New York City. She realizes now she has never known a man of real strength, and she is falling like a schoolgirl for a man she barely knows.

Whether she’s ready for it or not, Jaclyn is about to find out Nick’s secret. When his wolf pack saves her life, she will be forced to realize the truth behind her primal attraction to the man she’s been falling in love with.


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